PAKIPEK started with silk yarn winding and production on 1956 at Bursa. PAKIPEK’s production is essentially intended for women’s outwear, and a large part of European collection is prepared by designers in Bursa plant. 
It collaborates with worldwide leading design studios, together with its own designs and contributes to innovation. 


Since 2000 Pakipek textile In the product of yarn and fabric, our experience over the years exported .15 to many of Europe has provided growth and better to make our intensive efforts Pakipek Export to be one of the leading names of the national and international market in the sector.


We have the e-commerce marketing site and . Pakipek produced in-house and we realize the twist of product sales through site. We exhibit in the decorative and useful home textile product sales from the internet in Perpetrators of both online shoppers and we continue our work with high technology to provide fast and reliable service