PAKIPEK started with silk yarn winding and production on 1956 at Bursa. PAKIPEK’s production is essentially intended for women’s outwear, and a large part of European collection is prepared by designers in Bursa plant. It collaborates with worldwide leading design studios, together with its own designs and contributes to innovation.

It presents 4 main and 10 intermediate group collections every year to the world fashion.
PAKIPEK is one of leading enterprises, with its fashion pioneering designs, high quality and environment friendly products. 


Pakipek started silk yarn spinning and silk yarn production in Bursa by the beginning of 1900’s.
1956-Pakipek gets incorporated.
1985-Production starts in the plant located in Bursa Industrial Estate
1990-Exported fabrics are introduced to European customers
2000-New investments on weaving, preparation and printing
2005-First jacquard fabric is manufactured
2011-Production of Pakfix brand high tenacity industrial sewing yards intended to local and international markets.
2012-Digital printing technology with “fashion garden” brand and introduction of mass production
2014-Pakipek successfully proceeds with the fourth generation descendants of the company’s founders, as one of leading enterprises introducing to world markets high technology flat, haute couture/stylish, combined, jacquard and printed fabrics intended for women’s outwear.